SECONDS Grey Floral Saddle Pad and Veil Dressage

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SECONDS LISTING PLEASE READ: These saddle pads are of excellent quality but were cut incorrectly from our template. Therefore, although they do have some wither clearance, they do not have as much as we would like for high withered horses. If your horse is less prominent in the wither, this is a bargain for you! They were also made without the pink cord we normally have with our grey floral but this is purely cosmetic preference. We have also moved the girth tab, but the previous stitching is practically unnoticeable!

This listing is for the veil (full size) and pad as a set as all future grey restocks will have the pink cord.

  • Stand out from the crowd with this beautiful, unique design
  • High quality manufacturing, made to last!
  • Durable outer shell fabric to withstand the test of time
  • Lined with a beautiful soft mesh moisture wicking fabric, designed to absorb sweat under the saddle leaving your horse feeling comfortable
  • Both retaining strap and girth loop Velcro touch close.
  • Edged with white and grey twisted cord
  • Not too thick so that the fit of the saddle is compromised
  • Matching brushing boots also available….and rider wear for the ultimate complete outfit!
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