About Equine Splendour

Welcome to Equine Splendour! So what is the story behind the brand? The initial idea was sprung in 2016 when, as a teacher by profession, I was on my 6 week summer holiday. I decided that even though we had already been through the transition of being met by a sea of brown and black in a tack shop to all the colours of the rainbow...we could still go that little bit further... It was a challenge, but by 2017 I was ready to launch my first saddle cloth collection! I have always been passionate about owning my own business in an industry I absolutely loved, and here I was, finally doing it.

I grew the range slowly and then in 2021 decided it was time to level it up a bit and release matching rider wear. Now I was still an avid jodphur wearer and things had moved on, so I set to work on designing and bringing to life what I (and you!) now consider to be one of the most comfortable leggings on the market...with a little twist, and you guys LOVED them! As a tiny little business, I was nervous to enter such a competitive market but I needn't have been as our core values; affordability, design, quality, comfort and customer service has firmly given us a little spot on the map and in the 2 years post launch of our popular rider wear, the business has experienced growth I could never have imagined, and really...I've only just started! The range has now grown to offer saddle pads, veils, leggings, base layers, gilets and belts and we have so many more ideas to bring out to you all!

What's the story behind the name Equine Splendour I hear you asking? Well a simple one really, I wanted to provide something splendid for you and your horse!

So to every customer, thank you so much for coming on this journey with me. I hope you love every product purchased as much as I do!

Charlotte xx